Pamela Furr’s life is filled with passion, determination, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference. From a firm insurance negotiator to the owner of a bustling restaurant, this unstoppable individual worked for an orthodontist, taught preschool, and fearlessly ventured into the intricate world of private education. She built a thriving private school from scratch, now spanning three campuses and accommodating over 100 students aged 2-17, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing.

At just 23, she achieved a remarkable feat, becoming a licensed life and health insurance agent in 42 states and a State of New York adjuster. Her life took a transformative turn when her son was diagnosed with autism at 29. Fueled by her love for her child, she pursued a degree in early childhood education, becoming a seasoned educator. With over two decades of experience in insurance, she is an expert in navigating the labyrinthine regulations surrounding child therapy services.

In 2007, her life took a purposeful shift; she left behind the finance world to focus entirely on supporting children and families affected by autism. In 2014, she founded Puzzle Box Academy and Kaleidoscope Interventions, institutions that have transformed the lives of countless families. Her dedication has seen children progress from early education to high school graduation, achieving milestones that were once thought impossible. Her influence extends beyond the classroom; she is an accomplished author, with her book “Can You Hear Me Now?” touching hearts and minds, and her insightful articles featured on Forbes inspire readers worldwide!