Can You Hear Me Now!

This inspiring book illuminates the path for families raising children with autism, offering a beacon of hope amidst numerous challenges. With themes revolving around hope, education, and the powerful impact of applied behavior analysis, this book becomes a vital guide for parents, shaping a brighter future for children with autism.


Can You Hear Me Now? is a moving call to action based on author Pamela Furr’s daily struggles and responsibilities as the mother of an autistic child and the founder of Puzzle Box Academy, a private school based in Florida dedicated to supporting children with autism. The book provides guidance, support, and advocacy for parents navigating the challenges of raising children with autism.

As the CEO/CFO of Puzzle Box Academy, Pamela shares her journey as a mother and her mission to support children and families affected by autism. She stresses the importance of understanding and meeting the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. In addition, she discusses the difficulties and frustrations parents encounter when seeking a diagnosis and accessing appropriate interventions for their children.

Can You Hear Me Now? also explores the positive impact of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and the importance of individualized approaches for each child with ASD. Ultimately, it discusses Neurodiverse families’ needs, such as understanding and acceptance from our communities.


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